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Тема : Форум
Имя : Оксана Город : Новосибирск 04/02/2004 16:00
!!! Sr. Software Engineer !!!

As a Sr. Software Engineer within INNL Compiler Performance team candidate will work on competitive performance analysis of code generated by Intel C/C++ and Fortran compilers, identifying and implementation of new additional optimizations related to reducing execution time of generated code, better compile time and smaller code size. Candidate will also work on compiler extensions exposing Intel Architecture features in C/C++ and Fortran

Knowledge of compiler technology
Experience in compiler development, middle-end and back end (code generation) experience preferable
Excellent knowledge of C/C++ and Fortran is a must, knowledge of any assembler language is a plus
Knowledge of computer architectures in general, knowledge of specifically IA-32 and/or IA-64 is a BIG plus
Knowledge of Windows and Linux fundamentals
Knowledge and experience in parallel technologies (OpenMP, POSIX and Win32 threading, MPI) is a plus
Good English language and communication skills


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